Ti’tooqan Cuukweneewit

It’s an incredible project, providing the mechanism by which we are increasing the number of Indigenous teachers and administrators certified by Washington state, in a way that respects Indigenous knowledge systems. The engine that keeps it going strong is the coHEART; the students themselves!

In these special segments of Education Eclipse, we talk with the students who are part of Ti’tooqan Cuukweneewit.

Guest Date Topic
renee and Fran April 2, 2018

OVERVIEW: Ti'tooqan Cuukweneewit

The current teaching shortage extends to individuals from Native or Tribal communities. Enter in Ti’Tooqan Cuukweneewit, a project from WSU’s College of Education that helps those in Tribal communities to take life experience and their already acquired Indigenous Knowledge Systems, and add to it the requisites needed to become fully certified by the state. With the help of two grants, renée holt and Francene Watson are working collaboratively with several groups, but in particular Tribal communities, to try and make a difference. [This podcast was 043 Ti'tooqan Cuukweneewit in the normal Education Eclipse lineup]