011 Globalization Conference overview

The past few years has seen increased awareness of racism and bigotry in our country. Of course racism has always been present, but today many are noticing a number of disturbing trends and incidents. Our national dialogue has increased on issues of institutional racism, a spike in blatant actions by some police against people who are culturally- or linguistically-diverse, and indifference or apathy, by many, toward racism and bigotry.

How do educators fit into this? One WSU Vancouver professor, Katherine Rodela, cites “the continual need for culturally and linguistically diverse student, family, and community leadership and voice in education practice and policy”?

One way our college helps advance opportunity and equity, is by engaging in activities that help advance social justice.

One of these is the international globalization, diversity, and education conference.

We caught up AG Rud, distinguished professor of cultural studies and social thought in education, who chaired this year’s globalization conference.

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