013 Improving the ELL Experience

English Language Learners are people learning English in addition to their native language. The Washington State University College of Education has a robust ELL program.

The No Child Left Behind Act, as well as subsequent legislation, demanded educational success of all children, throughout the entire curriculum. Thus, children aren’t merely pulled aside and put in English as a Second Language classes, but rather, the teachers make curriculum accessible to ELL students by planning for accommodations throughout the content.

There are certainly challenges with this. Primary among these is the growing number of ELL students in Washington public schools. It CANNOT be overlooked. At the same time, there aren’t enough school counseling or other services to meet the demand. We caught up with two College of Education professors during WSU’s academic showcase, and asked them to talk about their research, which aims to solve the problem, thus advancing opportunity and equity for all our state’s children.

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